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Heal cut gums today and for good!


In this article, you will learn

  • How does this happen?
  • What can we do about it?
  • The common solution
  • Why does this happen?
  • Do you need an oral care routine?
  • Why is an oral care routine important?
  • What should an oral care routine look like?
  • What does your oral care routine look like?
  • How often should you use your new routine?
  • Having an oral care routine

Cut gums are the worst. It hurts to smile. It hurts to talk. Your tongue is constantly touching it even when you try to stop. It’s distracting – your mind always returns to the pain, probably because your tongue has found its way back to where it hurts. You may be wondering how to heal cut gums today and then for good.

How does this happen?

Cut gums can happen from eating hard foods, from something sharp in your mouth like a toothpick, from brushing or flossing your teeth too hard, or from an injury.

What can we do about it?

The easiest and quickest solution is to take a pinch of salt and put into your mouth and swish it with water. You may experience a burning sensation but it’s going to clean the area. Keep doing this a couple times a day until the soreness goes away. Your body is remarkable – it’s going to heal itself and with your help, it can heal faster.

The common solution

The common solutions given by dentists are to avoid eating hard foods, hot and spicy foods, foods with high amounts of citrus, frozen desserts, and instead, choose soft foods to eat. It doesn’t make sense to deny yourself of these simple pleasures. How can you enjoy your favorite foods without having to experience cut gums again?

Why does this happen?

By only focusing on what happened and how long does it take for gums to heal, we forget to ask ourselves: why it happened? It’s easy to ask the wrong question, especially when you’re in pain. If this is happening to you, then you may not have strong gums. It’s better to learn that now and fix that, rather than continuing life accepting cut gums as a reality and repeatedly asking how long does cut gum take to heal?

Do you need an oral care routine?

The condition of your gums is the result of how you are taking care of them. Imagine you’re a professional long-distance runner. You need your legs, lungs, and your body in top performing condition throughout your career.

You can’t leave anything to chance. By creating a routine revolving around performance and recovery, and following it daily, would be a sure way of giving your body what it needs to perform at its best. Without a routine, you can feel lost, become forgetful and inconsistent, which can lead to injury, or in your case – cut gums.

Why is an oral care routine important?

By having a complete oral care routine and following it consistently, questions like: how long do gums take to heal or how long do cut gums take to heal, can be a thing of the past.

What should an oral care routine look like?

For a quick answer, read our free e-book: A Simple Yet Effective Oral Care Routine.

An effective oral care routine has five parts:

  1. Preparing the mouth
  2. Cleaning the tongue
  3. Cleaning between the teeth
  4. Cleaning the teeth
  5. Cleaning the mouth

What does your oral care routine look like?

Brushing your teeth should be as simple as brushing your teeth, right? Remember, your mouth is made up of more than just your teeth. Everything in your mouth is essential and serves a purpose.

Without an oral care routine, things tend to fall apart. Like the professional long-distance runner and their body, its our job to keep our mouth in top performing condition throughout our life.

Preparing the mouth

It starts with a mouth rinse. Read our free e-book: A Simple Yet Effective Oral Care Routine to learn how to clean your mouth, how to ease the grime off your teeth, and how to neutralize acid in your mouth all at the same time.

Cleaning the tongue

Have you noticed that when you stick your tongue out, its partially white on top? You may not have thought much about it but that’s not how it should look like. Take a moment to stand in front of the mirror with your tongue stuck out.

What you see on your tongue is gunk, likely a mix of dead cells and bacteria. What you don’t see is the smell – this gunk is rotting, and that’s happening on your tongue. To avoid bringing this smell everywhere you go, its important to clean your tongue daily.

If you have been wondering why does my breath always smell like poop, you should read our free e-book: A Simple Yet Effective Oral Care Routine and get started today. Nobody should have breath that smells like poop, and you shouldn’t either.

Cleaning between the teeth

What happens to food when it gets left out on the counter for too long? It breaks down and rots. The same thing happens when food is stuck between your teeth for too long.

Using floss, you need to get in between your teeth and your gums, for each tooth, and on either side of each tooth. Remember, everything in your mouth is sensitive, so you should try to be gentle.

If you have been feeling gum pain when flossing or gum pain after flossing, then you have come to the right place. Read our free e-book: A Simple Yet Effective Oral Care Routine if you’re ready to stop gum pain after flossing.

Cleaning the teeth

By now, we have reached a point where people usually start from, when cleaning their teeth. If this is you, and you’ve been wondering how long does gums take to heal, now you know what you’ve been missing.

With information and only a couple minutes extra, you can stop asking how long does it take gums to heal? Cleaning your teeth should be pretty straightforward but you may not be doing it the best way. Read our free e-book: A Simple Yet Effective Oral Care Routine to learn a better way.

Cleaning the mouth

This final part is essential; however, it’s commonly missed. By now, in your new oral care routine: you have prepared your mouth, cleaned your tongue, cleaned between your teeth, and cleaned the surface of your teeth. It sounds like your job is done, right?

Not quite. We don’t want to leave anything to chance. Cleaning your mouth one final time, cleans anywhere you may have missed and leaves your mouth feeling refreshed. It’s common to use mouthwash; however, mouthwash may be doing more harm than good.

Read our free e-book: A Simple Yet Effective Oral Care Routine to learn about a natural way that you can use to fight bacteria and infections, and refresh your mouth, all while swishing and gurgling.

How often should you use your new routine?

With any routine, your goal should be to use it so frequent that it becomes habit. Dentists commonly suggest brushing your teeth twice a day or after every meal. Whatever you decide to do, use your new oral care routine each time you brush your teeth and your mouth will thank you.

Having an Oral Care Routine

Using your new oral care routine is a way to make your mouth stronger, helping your teeth and gums become more resilient. This is about taking care of your body so that your body takes care of you.

You should never assume that it’s too late for you to start using this oral care routine. Even if you are comparing pictures of deep cleaning teeth before and after or researching the disadvantages of deep cleaning teeth to decide if that procedure is right for you.

By giving your mouth exactly what it needs, you would be amazed of how remarkable your body can be at healing itself. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Read our free e-book: A Simple Yet Effective Oral Care Routine to discover your best mouth today!

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